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Images in the Gallery are available to purchase as cards. You can purchase singles, a pack of 5 identical cards or a pack of 5 different images.

A4 or A3

Images in the Gallery are available to purchase as prints.

Cannot see what want

If you are looking for a specific subject matter and cannot see it on the website then please do email us and we will search our extensive photo library.

RAW Conversion

Process of turning the RAW image into a printer friendly file.  Think of the RAW file as being equivalent to a film negative which needs to be developed.  Image information captured in RAW is non-destructive.  Please email Lesley to discuss.

Old Photo Restoration.  Always wanted to get those old family photos restored.  Please email Lesley to discuss.

TIFF/JPG Enhancement.  Feel that your images are lacking an impact and want to oimprove the overall colour and sharoness?  Please email Lesley to discuss.

Card / Print Cost

Single Cards  £2.25 p&p extra - UK only.

Pack of 5Cards  £2.00 p&p extra - UK only.

Photo Prints

A4  £25.00 includes p&p - UK only
A3  £30.00 includes p&p - UK only

For overseas p&p please email us direct

Reference Material  If you are looking for inspiration for your art work and would like to purchase one of our images then please quote the number on the enlarged image.  Sole Artistic Rights costing on request.


Ted Andrews
Freelance Author, Artist, Cartoonist & Illustrator

"Such is my admiration for the work of Bob & Lesley Mitchell that the temptation to describe their photographic images in the most glowing terms is hard to resist.  But any flowery adjectives of mine, I fear, wouldn't do them justice.

I could speak of their passion for bird photography, the extreme lengths they commit to, to capture the perfect 'shot' and their quite extraordinary powers of observation driven by the very real love of our native and migratory bird species.  But why bother?  The beautiful photographic images recorded by Bob & Lesley Mitchell will speak far more eloquently than I could ever hope to manage.

Enjoy their work, choose your favourite (difficult) then order a print for your wall.  It will enrich your life."

Georgina Gibbons
Wildlife and Animal Artist

20 Dec 1960 - 29 Apr 2015

It is with great sadness that Georgina Gibbons passed away on 29th April 2015 after losing a long battle with cancer.  The world has lost an incredibly talented lady.

  • Finalist in the BBC Wildlife Artists of the Year competition 2011 and 2012.
  • Overall winner in the BBC Wildlife Aritsts of the year competition 2013 and winner of the "Beneath the Waters" category 2013.
  • Finalist in the David Shepherd Wildlife Artists of the Year competition 2014.
  • "Bob and Lesley's photographs show a wonderful understanding of nature and are an inspiration for any artist.  Great service too."

    Georgina had kindly given us permission to use her BBC Wildlife Artists of the Year 2012 entry - Baby Orang-utan 'Clinging On' image.

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