About Us

Colourflow Images has been formed by husband and wife team (Bob & Lesley) whose love of nature is captured through their photographic skills.

Bob & Lesley Mitchell met in their late teens through their passion for art. During the early 80's they studied Specialist Decorative Paint effects. Bob specialises in Wood Graining, Marbling, Rag Rolling (to name but a few of the techniques) whilst Lesley designs, cuts and applies Stencils.

Bob has spent the best part of his life working as a skilled carpenter, joiner, painter & decorator in London, Surrey, Devon and Cornwall finishing off with 8 years at the Lost Gardens of Heligan prior to retiring to Scotland.

Lesley trained as a PA Secretary working in London and later in Surrey. Whilst living and working in Cornwall she has added Contract Administration to her skills.

Facebook Pages

If you are on Facebook then with a quick search you will be able to find plenty of "pages" dedicated to bird watching.

Friends of the SIBC

This is a superb Facebook page which is open to all wildlife enthusiasts. It was originally called the Self-Isolating Bird Club (SIBC).

The Self-Isolating Bird Club was created by Chris Packham and Megan McCubbin at the beginning of lockdown on 19th March 2020. It was a virtual space for amateur and enthusiast wildlife watchers alike to share their pictures and videos of nature from all around the world during the COVID crisis and had a membership of over 62,000.

Our Philosophy

Sharing our passion for nature - knowing what to look for and the best places to see it.

Studying nature - understanding the nature of your subject will often enable you to capture a special moment.

Our Nikon equipment

D800, D300S and D200

We use different lens, from Macro to 500mm. The RAW image is processed in-house see the Services page.