December 2018 Busy preparing for the 2019 season


Finally Lesley has managed to set aside time to revamp the website and get new images prepared. Much of her time has been spent going through many of our older images and reprocessing them in the new Photoshop package. Amazing what can be achieved - images we kept which were dark but record shots have now been totally transformed into usable images.


Bob has been working hard producing beautiful turned bowls from burr Elm and other woods. Lots of other items have been prepared and Lesley has been busy putting stencils on to certain items.

All items, including our cards and prints, are on sale in selected outlets in Sutherland and Caithness.

News Archive

April 2016 Looking forward to the 2018 season


Lesley has finally managed to get some time set aside to revamp the website and get new images prepared. Much of her time has been spent learning the new version of Photoshop.


Bob had a good clear out over the winter which enable him to sort out suitable timber for woodturning and make room for some additional equipment.

All items, including our cards and prints, are on sale in selected outlets in Sutherland and Caithness.

Jan-Sep 2016 Busy preparing for the 2017 season

Woodturning/Stencilling Much work is being done turning up bowls, wooden platters, light pulls and generally making many items from reclaimed timber by Bob. Time spent preparing stencils for use on items made by Bob such as plant pedestals, slate tablemats etc.

All items, including our cards and prints, will be on sale in selected outlets.

Jun-Oct 2015 New Retail Venture - New role for Lesley

Commercial outlets for our images

Happy to announce that we now have several outlets in the Sutherland area who are stocking our images.
These commercial outlets have a selection of A3 and A4 mounted prints, and A6 blank Greetings Cards (cards are printed on 300gsm with a satin finish).

BTO Regional Representative

Happy to announce that Lesley has been accepted by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) to be their Regional Representative for the Sutherland area.

January 2015 Winds of upto 113mph hit Scotland

Incredible gales hit our new home

A very rude awakening in the early hours of January 9th with winds recorded at 113mph which took out our newly constructed wooden garage/workshop.

Considerable damage was caused with power lines down, trees ripped from the ground etc., but praise has to go to all the people who worked non-stop to clear fallen trees and restore power under exceptionally bad weather conditions.  A very frightening experience.

September 2014 Relocated to Scotland

We have finally achieved our dream.  We have been coming to Scotland since the late 60's and our love of Scotland, the scenery, wildlife and people, has prompted us to make the monumental decision to relocate to the north east area.  It has taken us a few months to settle in.

August 2014 Helmsdale & District Angling Club 2015 Calendar

Delighted to report that 3 of our images have been selected for inclusion in the Angling Clubs 2015 Calendar.  Lots of other stunning shots showcasing the splendor of the Strath at Helmsdale, Sutherland.

April 2014 Resigned as Vice-Chairman of the CBWPS

Due to ongoing commitments Lesley has resigned as Vice-Chairman of the CBWPS.

June 2013 Alamy Contributor Quality control is paramount.

Alamy have very stringent quality control procedures in order to ensure that the standard of work of all contributors is of the highest quality.

May 2013 Cornwall Wildlife Trust's (CWT) Wildlife Celebration 11th-12th May.  A two day event celebrating the work of the CWT at the Lost Gardens of Heligan.

Bob gave a Bird Walk on the Saturday and a Wildlife Walk on the Sunday.  Both well received and with plenty of discussion and questions.  Bob interviewed by Radio Cornwall's Tracy Wilson and aired live on Saturday morning.

May 2012 Camera Talk - On the back of the 'Visions of Nature' exhibition invited to give a talk to the Tavistock Camera Club

The talk was well attended and there was much appreciation of the photographs shown.  Lots of discussion on techniques, camera settings, Nikon versus Canon equipment etc.  After the talk had finished, drinks were the order of the day (or should that be evening) and general chat with various attendees covering a whole range of subjects.

March 2012 Lesley was voted in as Vice-Chairman of the Cornwall Bird Watching & Preservation Society (CBWPS)

The CBWPS has been established for over 80 years and owns or manages 6 nature reserves spread through the County of Cornwall.

November 2011 Invited by Cornwall Wildlife Trust (Restormal Group) to give a talk after their AGM

Title of the talk was 'A Walk with Heligan's Wildlife' followed by 'Wildlife Snippets'.  The talk went well and, although initial problems with the projection of photographs, everyone appeared to enjoy it.

July 2011 Cornwall Bird Watching & Preservation Society 80th Anniversary celebrations 'Visions of Nature' exhibition

To celebrate the 80th anniversary of the founding of this society an exhibition was organised at Mount Edgcumbe House & Country Park.  We submitted 3 framed photos each and all were accepted.  Overall a total of 25 artists, using different mediums, were chosen to exhibit.

December 2010 Birdwatch Magazine Issue 222

Full page spread on the finding of this very stunning little bird.  Over the 2 month period that it stayed in the Lost Gardens of Heligan birders from all over the UK came in to see and it did not disappoint.  Quite often the heron was within a few feet of the people watching.

October 2010 Bob Mitchell 'finder' of the Cornish mega rare Green Heron ***

This delightful little bird landed in the Lost Valley at the Lost Gardens of Heligan after a particularly foul night.

Whilst Bob was doing his regular rounds of the Heligan Estate he went down to the Lost Valley at first light in the hopes of seeing the Otter, but also to try for a better picture of a Water Rail which had dropped in a few days before.  Whilst in the process of turning away from the lakes he spotted an unusual bird at the edge of the small lake with its back towards him.  Unsure of the identity (even when viewed through binoculars) he took a few quick shots and then it turned its head and he saw the bill, by which time he was totally flummoxed, so quickly dashed home.  After downloading the photos and doing a quick bit of research over the internet we were able to establish that this was a Green Heron.

The only other time one was recorded in Cornwall was in 1889 and ironically only 1½ miles away.

July 2009 Digital SLR User Magazine Reader Portfolio

Having submitted a few photos to the magazine imagine our surprised when they asked to do an article about us.  We were referred to as the 'Dynamic Duo' and the artcle was over 4 pages.

March 2008 Exhibition held at Lobbs Farm Shop, Lost Gardens of Heligan

Regrettably the weather was appalling as it rained most of the time, but fortunately this did not deter visitors to the Lost Gardens of Heligan and, ultimately, our Exhibition.  Very positive response and a number of our works were sold.

April 2006 Mayor of Restormel's Photographic Competition

Lesley had 1st in the Wildlife category, 2nd in the Winter Landscape category, as well as a highly commended in the Winter Landscape category and Bob had a 2nd in the Wildlife category.